Kathy Burns
Artistic Director, Barkly Regional Arts
Kathy Burns, Artistic Director, Barkly Regional Arts

Kathy Burns is the artistic director of Barkly Regional Arts, an organization that provides art programs. She has dedicated her life to building a career based in the arts. She started out as an actor before venturing off to college and, at the age of 19, being selected to undertake a four-year mentorship by one of Australia's master acting and vocal teachers.

Ms. Burns has been with the company for four years. As an artistic director, she is responsible for the programming of all of its events. Her area covers 300,000 kilometers of people in the region including the indigenous region. She liaisons with the communities with lots of different languages and cultures. She oversees five different departments including the visual department, writers department, used art department and the events department. She manages the budget, hiring, the branding and the policies and procedures.

Ms. Burns holds a diploma in workplace assessment and training, which she earned from the University of Southern Queensland in 2006. She has also earned an advanced diploma in acting, directing and teaching from The Actors Workshop in 2004. In years to come, Ms. Burns intends to help run the 25th Year Festival Worldwide Event, as well as continue fundraising for the organization.

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